Introducing iFarmer in the Sky

Forests take decades to grow. Forest owners, industry and governments watch forests suffer the effects of environment, weather, tree health and third party influence, ans share the need to lead the process, contain costs and maximise returns, operating at their respectives scopes of action.

We propose forest managers a vertically integrated web-based service, covering the whole decision process steps, from field inspections with automated sensors, including drones, automated diagnostics, to the design and monitoring of key performance indicators for forest assets using artificial intelligence and big data concepts.

The service will unfold in three main products: Inventory, Forecast and Plant Health:

  • Inventory function identifies each tree through its location and how much it has changed (wood and leaf volume) since last survey; it improves insight about the forest before cutting trees, reducing uncertainty on quantity and quality, experienced by all stakeholders.
  • Forecast function is based on tree growth models and projects how tree sizes evolve depending on managers’ actions, optimizing long-term management, and auditing the efficiency of farming practices.
  • Plant Health is based on detailed monitoring of trees and forests, using signal processing to detect phyto-sanitary issues that reduce quality, volume or growth. An early detection can help mitigate such losses and restore the forest health before diffusion across wide areas. Inventory and Plant Health can also improve unit value through forest certification.

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